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#1: There’s no such thing as a good Republican.

On January 6th, 2021, as Congress was in the process of certifying Republican President Donald Trump’s defeat, thousands of Republicans attacked the capital resulting in a lockdown, delay, and four deaths.

For months prior to this, Republican politicians openly supported the idea of contesting the election results to prevent Trump…

Break them before they break us.

During the last semester of my senior year I took a political science course covering the world wars. One day, to illustrate a point about command structures, my professor asked the class to imagine that we were commanding a nuclear submarine and received an order from the president to launch…

An Absurd Philosophy

In the past, I’ve written a fair amount about individualism. My last article on the subject (adapted to video by Second Thought) explored how difficult and problematic it is to try and explain the world in individualist terms — essentially: does anyone really believe that the poor freely choose suffering?

What else could we be right about today?


In October of 2001, a stunning 90% of Americans supported Bush’s invasion of Afghanistan.

Two decades later, as Biden has finally ended America’s military occupation, we can tally the final cost of this disaster. The AP estimates ~150,000 casualties of the war, at least 1/3rd of which were civilians. …

1.) Is there any update on the new precinct? How was the city council helpful or unhelpful in your goal of preventing its funding (and defunding overall)?

By “new precinct” are you referring to the public safety building that’s supposed to go up at 90 Washington Street? I know it’ll…

How do we move forward from so much past?

Cover Art from Dan Simmon’s “Hyperion”

Recently I finished the second book in Dan Simmon’s epic sci-fi series Hyperion. Composed first of independent narratives told on a pilgrimage and then as a more focused narrative of one magnificent battle, Hyperion is about many things. It’s about religion. It’s about time travel. It’s even about fatherhood. …

Matthew Barad

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